Anybody, Please, make me a Prisma outta this:


I wonder and always end up losing myself in an endless wilderness, wondering what the heck the world-conscience stands for. Whatever this bullshit signifier refers to, it never fails to declare its sublime emergence in the hands of media to illumine the gravity of images like that of the Syria-boy, pulled out from the dust and rubble of a ripped off home, sweet home! in the war-torn Aleppo. They say the masterpiece poking at our motionless emotions give yet another punch-undoubtedly with the mighty strength of a kindergartner – to the biggest show on earth (in terms of Shakespearean comedy, the one and only WORLD Conscience.


Smile please, World Conscience wanna take a Selphie:


“What a piece of work is a man!…The beauty of the world. The paragon of animals. And yet, to me, what is this quintessence of dust?”

(William Shakespeare: Hamlet)


Well, whatever Mr. Shakespeare intends to mean or however Hamlet cordially correlates us, the greatest creation on earth, to quintessence of dust, we do not need to go any deeper, nor do we need to be poetic enough to have a clear shot on the boy: the literal epitome of the quintessence of dust, dressed in the dust of the world, decorated with the ornaments of war, shouldering the greed of the war-lords….. A great piece of work indeed, with one eye being compromised to dust-smothered blood and the other one with the look that goes nowhere: so meaningfully blank, so artistically shell-shocked, just enough to tie down the tides of pain, agony, fear, despair, and despondence smeared into it.


Life Goes on, Statistics Changes

Syria’s pre-war population of 24.5 million goes down to 17.9 million, with half a million becoming the shadows of sighs to the world and finding themselves in the statistical reports of the humanitarian groups. We played with our emotions a lot enough with Aylan, the 3-year old toddler whose lifeless body washed up to the beach near a RESORT city. And, now with Omran. For God’s sake, media, let the World –Conscience go squandering, leaving our noses buried down in Aylan’s shore:

“Theirs not to make reply,

Theirs not to reason why

Theirs but to do and die:

Into the Valley of Death.”

(Alfred, Lord Tennyson: The Charge of the Light Brigade)



Traveling Back to the Past- Another Way to Step Up


The world doesn’t always look like the way you dream it to be. There are times when the colors of your life start fading away; your vision gets blurred out; your future looks like a big black void with the diminishing hope of light in the end of the tunnel. Having been stuck up into the time-stopping turn, you don’t seem to focus forward. You can pierce through what comes across your sight, without watching anything, end up looking at nothing. Instead you pick up the loose ends of the torn out symphonies of your life and rebuild the bridge with your forsaken past.


You seem to be in the Ezra Pound’s station of metro with all those apparitions crossing past you, crossing over you, leaving you stranded, and glued you to the black bough. And to break away with the iron cage all your ashen hopes are caved in, there is no other way out except than traveling to your past.


Traveling back to the past has got a double-way healing power. As you keep back-tracking your younger days, gliding over the sweeter moments, touching down on the untamed joys of childhood, brushing off the layers of dust on your bond to the nature with the gentle breeze of a moon-lit night, the colors will start getting back to your life. And the bitter moments, the moments of your past struggles will revive your strength to fight back, helping you stand tall for one more time. So, never give up. It’s your life and it’s up to you how you will define it; how you will live it.





Florida Keys:

If you have ever dreamt of drinking ‘the life to the least’ by making an adventurous trip to one of the most diversified place on earth, by laying the soul on to the ever warm lap of nature to get back the feeling lost in the mechanized life or by going wild with some blood-curdling fishing experiences in an anglers dream world, Florida keys are out there to let your dream touch down the reality.In the southernmost part of the USA, Florida Keys stand as an island archipelago on the Strait of Florida where the Atlantic with its freezing current merges with the warm waves of the Gulf of Mexico.

Where nature brings the souls together

There are around 1700 islands forming the keys that begin about 15 miles south of Miami and extend up to the Key West while finding their tails in the uninhabited islands near Dry Tortugas. The keys are subdivided as Upper Keys, Middle Keys, Lower Keys and the Outlying Islands. The first major key is the Key Largo followed by the Islamorada, the sport fishing capital of the world. The next major key is the Marathon, the heart of the keys, set apart by the seven-mile bridge shown in one of the James Bond sagas, the True Lies. But above all lies the Key West, the ultimate destination for the nature lovers and adventure seekers as well. It is where writers find their source of inspiration and anglers either past-timer or expert, find their way through hunting over two hundred species of fish sprawling in the crystal blue water of the Key West.

Legend has it that Earnest Hemingway wrote his A Farewell to Arms while seeking a peaceful time on the ever enchanting landscape of the keys where the ocean appears in different colors. This is where he wrote To Have and Have Not, his only novel with an USA setting. Not only that, popular TV serials entitling Key West or Drive found their plot in the setting in the Key West, the most populated and sought after city under Monroe County. All these are the clear indication of an enviable spot for each and everybody planning to be gone in the wilderness or lost in the tranquility. In fact the tropical climate that never let the area go beyond the freezing point in the known history; the highly rich bio-diversity in the forested areas of Dry Tortugas; presence of coral reefs; and most importantly the crystal clear water abound in fishes enough as to turn it a fishing paradise for the anglers, make the Florida keys an alluring tourist attraction.

Fishing in the Keys:

There is hardly any fishing loving junk would be found in the entire USA to be unheard of the fishing paradise, the Florida Keys. Many a lot legendary anglers were born in the keys and famous present day anglers like Flip Pallet, Lefty Kreh, and even Jimmy Buffett have given birth to many mouth watering adventures on the alluring water of the Keys. If you want to join the legend or even have the real taste of fishing expedition, there are several ways you can opt for:

Deep Sea Fishing:

Giants are there to cast challenges like running the risk of your life

Probably this is the most exciting fishing experience that makes always you feel like chasing down the legendary giants like marlin, sailfish, wahoo or even little sharks in the enthralling beauty of the scene putting Gulf of Mexico on one side and laying the strait of Florida on the other. Boarding on big ships, hunting big fishes, going for big tackles: all these big things may happen on a single trip for an offshore fishing which will definitely turn the adventure a worth remembering event in your life with all its colors and flavors. You necessarily need not to be an expert angler. Just bring your boat down the sea with a guide or charter a boat available all the year round or be a part of a big ship waiting to take you to the Gulf Stream. There are always a number of experienced captains to guide you through in your fishing spree, taking you to some great fishing spots like Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Tampa, Sarasota or the Orlando Florida area.

The incredibly excellent climate along the gulf is best suited for salt water fishing charters that can lead you to chasing after species such as marlin, sailfish, waho, king mackerel, cobia, tuna, amberjack, spanish mackerel, dolphin ( locally known as mahi mahi), shark, barracuda and many others you have ever imagined of. Grouper and snapper are also worth mentioning as they are available all the year round specially near Tampa Bay, the grouper fishing capital of the world.

Catching sailfish in an offshore trip can give you the ultimate thrill

To make your offshore fishing adventure a success, selecting a good charter with an expert captain is always important as they are to take the responsibility of taking you to a perfect fishing spot, providing you with required tackles along with their expertise and above all for ensuring a happy ride giving you all the thrills of running after the giants. Captain Frank, Bill Wallace, Ben Morehouse, Mike LeDrew, Rob Delph and many other experts are there to lead you to the gulf in the charters like Offshore Hustler, Coolwater, Outcast, Coolcast, Dream Catchers etc.

Flats Fishing:

Your intense motivation might get you to an exhilarating end

The enigmatic back-country water surrounding the uninhabited mangrove islands offers the most challenging and addictive angling in the world. Famous anglers like Zane Grey applied their expertise in catching landing sailfish, giant tarpon and specially bone fish moving across the miles of shallow sands and grass flats encircling the keys. It is all about your dedication and patience that can make you a success in flats fishing. Once you spot a fish under the pristine water, the next thing you get to do is to ensure an accurate cast before it sees you. You timing as well as the position of your boat determines how you would come up with your sight casting challenges. This kind of visual fishing is actually unexplainable as far as putting things into perspective is concerned; but an efficient  key west guide can lead you to an unforgettable experience of facing a one on one situation with the spooky species already known about their vulnerability comparing to deep sea.

Going on with a flat fishing in an environment of unparalleled beauty all you need is to have shallow boat, an expert guide to spot the fish and position the boat in your convenience and some light tackles like spinning rod or fly. Back-country water, coral reef or some ship wrecked areas might be great for a thrilling chase after species such as tarpon, permit, bone-fish, red fish, snook, sea trout, barracuda, jacks, sharks, and cobia.

Fishing on the line where the black meets the blue

Along with these offshore or inshore fishing, there are other ways out to replenish your angling experiences with reef fishing, harbor fishing and particularly the bridge fishing, feeling a romantic and inviting look of nature instilling into your heart. Excellent fishing can be added to smoothening time from the bridges like Ling key, Tom’s Harbor, Seven Mile, Spanish Harbor, Shark Channel and some other bridges open for fishing.

Fishing Calendars:

For the best catching experiences in fishing in Key West or in Florida keys a fish calendar might be a great help as many of the species available in the area are migratory and visit the place during a particular time of the year. Although there are species caught all through the year; considering the best statistics of the species caught all the year, some of the most sought after fishes are listed below along with the best time to go for fishing.

Wahoo: Best fall, winter & spring but caught all year.

Black Grouper & Gag Grouper: Best in winter and spring.

Tarpon: Best from Late February to September but can be caught all the year.

Permit: Best during spring & summer but caught in all the year.

Hogfish and Lobster: Best from August to March

Amberjack: Best in spring

King Mackerel or Kingfish and Black fin Tuna: Fall, winter & early spring are the best time for fishing.

Barracuda: all the year

Sailfish: Best in Late October to early December again in late March to April

Dolphin (also called Mahi Mahi or Dorado): Best in spring & summer but caught all through the year.

Blue Marlin:Best months are October & November and again in May & June, but caught all the year.

Yellowtail snapper: best in May to September

Mangrove snapper: best from April to July

Bone fish: April to October.

Fishing Tournaments:

Real fun lies in catching & releasing in a fishing sport

Fishing tournaments organized all through the year make the Key West more lucrative to the highly skilled anglers or the fishing lovers altogether. People from all walks of life can participate in the tournaments in different categories. Men, women or juniors compete with their peers to catch more than 30 species of fish. The list of some fishing tournaments held in the Key West is as follows:

January: Key West Lions Club Fishing Tournament.

April: World Sailfish Championship.

March to November: Key West Fishing Tournament that run for seven months providing opportunities to the people in general.

 May: Yamaha Dolphin Masters Invitational.

March: Cuban American Heritage Fest Tournament.

Last but not the least, it worth’s telling that to bring back the real taste of your life and to shed off the burden of your regular activities fishing in the Florida Keys might be a great experience with an everlasting effect. Making an enviable trip to deep sea fishing, going for some flat fishing or participating in a fishing sport with your friends can really fill your heart with some unforgettable memories on the crystal blue water of the Straits of Florida.


The Longest Sea Beach of the World

The Longest Sea Beach of the World

Where the Beach meets the blue…

Cox’s Bazar sea beach, the most attractive tourist spot in Bangladesh, stands apart from all other beaches on earth for its astoundingly unbroken 125 km. length along the Bay of Bengal. The long open sandy beach slopes down to kiss the gentle waves dressed in silvery foams of the sea. The mighty sea seemed to seek rest in here and bow down to the longest beach welcoming millions of tourists each year to bathe their feelings with warm embracing of its waters bridging the blue with the silvery sands.

The Name beneath the Beach:

Cox’s Bazar, the southernmost part of Bangladesh is a district under Chittagong division. The town known worldwide for its beach is named after Lieutenant Cox during the later part of 18th century. The British soldier used this deserted area under the then British territory to rehabilitate a tribal clan named Magh that was seeking shelter after the Burmese conquest of Arakans. Cox died premature in 1798 but did enough to live forever for his mammoth task of settling the refugees in an un-abating struggle with the local Rakhains. Once a remote place blessed with nature, now turned a most sought after tourist destination in the country. Over sixty thousand people from different tribal communities are living here now mainly on fishing, agriculture and business targeting the tourists.

Feel the Bay…Rock the Beach:

Swimming in the sun burnt mirth or resting in a moon blanched night might let a prosy mind dive into a poetic vision. The romantics will easily get enthralled by the panoramic view of the setting sun flaring the reddish hues over the mysterious complexion of blue, black, silvery waves. However, you need not to be a poet to feel the thrill of riding along the esplanade while saturating your body & heart together with the drops of sea fluttering to the longest beach: sandy, unbroken and plain. Surrendering yourself to the welcoming waves of the bay can give you the coolest swimming experience – the friendly water never go that high to thrust you down from. Adventure lovers might garner some unforgettable memories by surfing over the irresistible waters or going for a fishing trip.

Nature Knows no Class :

The Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach is truly a gift of nature and remained unchained all these years without allowing any human interference. You will not find any enclave restricted for any particular class. The entire beach is yours to make your day in your way. If you are a bit more wander- lust with an interest to know the culture of the aborigine people you will have ample opportunities to fill your heart with. Each and every tribal clan such as Rakhain, Magh, and Chakma has got their own cultural identity rich in color, love and simplicity.

Pull your souls off the sands…
Besides the beach there are other beautiful places a single stretch away from Cox’s Bazar Beach. It would definitely be a blander not to allot some time for them:

Himchhari: The Christmas tree, broken hills and the waterfalls make this beautiful place an alluring place for film shooting and picnic. It’s about 18 km away along the beach.

Ramu: Crossing only 10 km to Chittagong you will find a Buddhist village named Ramu. For the Buddhist it is a holy place with numbers of Buddhist temples locally known as Khyang. The temples are highly rich in archaeological interest. Along with many a lot precious artifice numbers of gold or bronze made statues of Gautama Buddha, specially the 10- feet high bronze statue on 6-feet high pedestal make this little village a must visit place for the tourists.

Sonadia: Near Cox’s Bazar there is another beautiful island with an area of only 9 sq km. The crescent shaped island hosts thousands of tourists during the winter season. Anglers from different corner of the country camp here to make some exciting fishing trips for catching over hundred species of fishes sprawling in the coastal waters. Along with making great hauls the tourists enjoy the astounding get together of millions of migratory birds from the western countries.

Dolahazara Safari Park: It is another magnificent place only 50 km away from Cox’s Bazar on the Chittagong- Cox’s Bazar highway. Adding a different taste apart from the serenity of the beach, a jungle ride makes it all special. You can watch elephants, lions, the great Royal Bengal tigers, deers, crocodiles and many other species to double your pleasure.

Maheshkhali: Another attractive island covering an area of 268 sq km. The island is featured by the 300 feet high range of low hills stretches down the eastern coastline from the centre. There lies the Adinath Temple on the top of the hills. It becomes a pilgrimage for the Hindus.

Teknaf: To introduce oneself with the Magh or Arakan culture, making a journey by sampan on the river Naf or to enjoy the enchanting beauty of the picturesque small town from the hilltop resort tourists never miss a trip to Teknaf crossing only 80 km south to Cox’s Bazar.

St. Martin Island: Lying only 8 km. away of Teknaf it is one of the most beautiful coral islands of the world. Due to its large number of coconut trees local people call it Narikel Zinjira (coconut rows). The water along the coast is crystal clear and one can see the living corals and the enthralling view only 20 feet deep down the sea. Here people live entirely on the blessings of nature. The green landscape, birds, flying fishes, dolphins and sea tortoises make this only coral island of the country even more alluring. Passing a moonlit night by camping here will definitely give you some enviable moments with a life time effect.

Plan a trip to discover the longest beach…
For making a wonderful vacation a trip to the longest beach hidden in Bangladesh will definitely add a little more color to your life. You can get there either by bus or plane. In both ways you are guaranteed a comfortable journey. You need not worry about hotels or motels. Numbers of quality hotels or motels are built there due to the rush of wanderlust people round the year.