The Longest Sea Beach of the World

The Longest Sea Beach of the World

Where the Beach meets the blue…

Cox’s Bazar sea beach, the most attractive tourist spot in Bangladesh, stands apart from all other beaches on earth for its astoundingly unbroken 125 km. length along the Bay of Bengal. The long open sandy beach slopes down to kiss the gentle waves dressed in silvery foams of the sea. The mighty sea seemed to seek rest in here and bow down to the longest beach welcoming millions of tourists each year to bathe their feelings with warm embracing of its waters bridging the blue with the silvery sands.

The Name beneath the Beach:

Cox’s Bazar, the southernmost part of Bangladesh is a district under Chittagong division. The town known worldwide for its beach is named after Lieutenant Cox during the later part of 18th century. The British soldier used this deserted area under the then British territory to rehabilitate a tribal clan named Magh that was seeking shelter after the Burmese conquest of Arakans. Cox died premature in 1798 but did enough to live forever for his mammoth task of settling the refugees in an un-abating struggle with the local Rakhains. Once a remote place blessed with nature, now turned a most sought after tourist destination in the country. Over sixty thousand people from different tribal communities are living here now mainly on fishing, agriculture and business targeting the tourists.

Feel the Bay…Rock the Beach:

Swimming in the sun burnt mirth or resting in a moon blanched night might let a prosy mind dive into a poetic vision. The romantics will easily get enthralled by the panoramic view of the setting sun flaring the reddish hues over the mysterious complexion of blue, black, silvery waves. However, you need not to be a poet to feel the thrill of riding along the esplanade while saturating your body & heart together with the drops of sea fluttering to the longest beach: sandy, unbroken and plain. Surrendering yourself to the welcoming waves of the bay can give you the coolest swimming experience – the friendly water never go that high to thrust you down from. Adventure lovers might garner some unforgettable memories by surfing over the irresistible waters or going for a fishing trip.

Nature Knows no Class :

The Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach is truly a gift of nature and remained unchained all these years without allowing any human interference. You will not find any enclave restricted for any particular class. The entire beach is yours to make your day in your way. If you are a bit more wander- lust with an interest to know the culture of the aborigine people you will have ample opportunities to fill your heart with. Each and every tribal clan such as Rakhain, Magh, and Chakma has got their own cultural identity rich in color, love and simplicity.

Pull your souls off the sands…
Besides the beach there are other beautiful places a single stretch away from Cox’s Bazar Beach. It would definitely be a blander not to allot some time for them:

Himchhari: The Christmas tree, broken hills and the waterfalls make this beautiful place an alluring place for film shooting and picnic. It’s about 18 km away along the beach.

Ramu: Crossing only 10 km to Chittagong you will find a Buddhist village named Ramu. For the Buddhist it is a holy place with numbers of Buddhist temples locally known as Khyang. The temples are highly rich in archaeological interest. Along with many a lot precious artifice numbers of gold or bronze made statues of Gautama Buddha, specially the 10- feet high bronze statue on 6-feet high pedestal make this little village a must visit place for the tourists.

Sonadia: Near Cox’s Bazar there is another beautiful island with an area of only 9 sq km. The crescent shaped island hosts thousands of tourists during the winter season. Anglers from different corner of the country camp here to make some exciting fishing trips for catching over hundred species of fishes sprawling in the coastal waters. Along with making great hauls the tourists enjoy the astounding get together of millions of migratory birds from the western countries.

Dolahazara Safari Park: It is another magnificent place only 50 km away from Cox’s Bazar on the Chittagong- Cox’s Bazar highway. Adding a different taste apart from the serenity of the beach, a jungle ride makes it all special. You can watch elephants, lions, the great Royal Bengal tigers, deers, crocodiles and many other species to double your pleasure.

Maheshkhali: Another attractive island covering an area of 268 sq km. The island is featured by the 300 feet high range of low hills stretches down the eastern coastline from the centre. There lies the Adinath Temple on the top of the hills. It becomes a pilgrimage for the Hindus.

Teknaf: To introduce oneself with the Magh or Arakan culture, making a journey by sampan on the river Naf or to enjoy the enchanting beauty of the picturesque small town from the hilltop resort tourists never miss a trip to Teknaf crossing only 80 km south to Cox’s Bazar.

St. Martin Island: Lying only 8 km. away of Teknaf it is one of the most beautiful coral islands of the world. Due to its large number of coconut trees local people call it Narikel Zinjira (coconut rows). The water along the coast is crystal clear and one can see the living corals and the enthralling view only 20 feet deep down the sea. Here people live entirely on the blessings of nature. The green landscape, birds, flying fishes, dolphins and sea tortoises make this only coral island of the country even more alluring. Passing a moonlit night by camping here will definitely give you some enviable moments with a life time effect.

Plan a trip to discover the longest beach…
For making a wonderful vacation a trip to the longest beach hidden in Bangladesh will definitely add a little more color to your life. You can get there either by bus or plane. In both ways you are guaranteed a comfortable journey. You need not worry about hotels or motels. Numbers of quality hotels or motels are built there due to the rush of wanderlust people round the year.



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