Traveling Back to the Past- Another Way to Step Up


The world doesn’t always look like the way you dream it to be. There are times when the colors of your life start fading away; your vision gets blurred out; your future looks like a big black void with the diminishing hope of light in the end of the tunnel. Having been stuck up into the time-stopping turn, you don’t seem to focus forward. You can pierce through what comes across your sight, without watching anything, end up looking at nothing. Instead you pick up the loose ends of the torn out symphonies of your life and rebuild the bridge with your forsaken past.


You seem to be in the Ezra Pound’s station of metro with all those apparitions crossing past you, crossing over you, leaving you stranded, and glued you to the black bough. And to break away with the iron cage all your ashen hopes are caved in, there is no other way out except than traveling to your past.


Traveling back to the past has got a double-way healing power. As you keep back-tracking your younger days, gliding over the sweeter moments, touching down on the untamed joys of childhood, brushing off the layers of dust on your bond to the nature with the gentle breeze of a moon-lit night, the colors will start getting back to your life. And the bitter moments, the moments of your past struggles will revive your strength to fight back, helping you stand tall for one more time. So, never give up. It’s your life and it’s up to you how you will define it; how you will live it.




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